Its snowing. Big white flakes started drifting down about half an hour ago and the ground is covered with real snow for the first time this winter. It is nearly 10.30pm. We woke the kids up and they stared sleepily out the window before we lay them back in their beds.

Its a beautiful sight, the lamp-lights along the footpaths beyond our windows casting their white glimmer through the falling snow. Who knows how long it will last. The forecast is for warming tomorrow and through the next few days, so we assume the snow will be gone by tomorrow night. Perhaps this will be all for this warm winter in Örebro.

But we hope not. The bobsled (Christmas present from Maria’s parents) is still in its shop packing. It would be sad to not unpack it till next winter…


One thought on “Snow

  1. Hello Holfies!
    I read with great interest about last night’s snow fall. I’t hard to imagine the scene while i sit here in 30 degree heat. And after last weekend’s foray into outback Australia, I actually found myself longing even more for a ‘winter wonderland’ experience. I can only imagine how the pioneers of the outback, who spent many years of their lives charting this barren, scored land – I think they must have yearned for snow on those searing days.
    I do hope you get a chance to use your sled – looking at the average conditions for Stockholm, you are a long way off the coldest january recorded – see
    Have fun

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