Language development

One of the local milk companies here in Örebro prints the back of their milk cartons with fascinating and mostly useless facts which we stare at every morning as we eat our cornflakes in sleepy silence. The one that caught my eye today was that a three year old child can say about 1000 words. I have no idea who worked that out, or how (what a way to make a living, working out a toddler’s vocabulary), but it got me to wondering where I come out on the scale of linguistic ability. Have I made the three year old stage yet, I wonder? Maybe I should write down all the words I can think of in Swedish and count them up. Now that would be an enormous waste of time, wouldn’t it?

Of course, three year olds often look at me with puzzlement when I speak to them in my brand of Swedish. But then again, they did that when I spoke English to them back home. Perhaps its just me that strikes such bewilderment into the mind of a three year old.

Anyway, I am restarting my Swedish course today after the Christmas break – Svenska B this term. So hopefully my vocabulary will have improved by a few words by tonight…


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