Stefan Nystrom

Stefan Nystrom has made the Australian and the Swedish news. The 33 year old has just been deported from Australia to Sweden, because of his criminal history. Apart from his first 25 days of life he has never been to Sweden. He was born here while his mother was on holidays. He does not speak Swedish nor does he have any knowledge of Sweden. There was no mention in either of the articles I read as to whether he has family here or not.

There is something vaguely ironic about a criminal being deported from Australia, the nation that was founded with criminals from England, not deported but transported for their misdeeds. Mr Nystrom’s mother apparently never applied for citizenship for her son, and as a non citizen, the Immigration Department decided to rescind his residency status, since he is seen as a “risk to the Australian community.” The decision was upheld by the High Court.

So Stefan Nystrom arrived at Arlanda Airport on New Years Eve. I wonder what happened to him. There was some discussion in The Local about whether he was supposed to be met by Swedish authorities or not. The bottom line seemed to be that since he is not a criminal here the State bears no responsibility for him. So I suppose he just waked out of Arlanda a free man to start a new life.

He seems to have just disappeared into the Swedish community. Will he feel lost and lonely? Will he struggle with the culture and the language, a crisis of identity? How does such an experience affect a person such as him? Does he in fact have a place to go? Is there some shady community which will draw him in? Will he rediscover his roots and be changed to a new man? Or will he respond to this displacement by a worsening pattern of behaviour? Will he be as much of a risk to the Swedish community as he was to the Australian? Will he simply end up in A Swedish jail months or years down the track?

The whole story is a bit surreal. But perhaps life is like that sometimes. Certainly makes you think…


5 thoughts on “Stefan Nystrom

  1. Hello David,
    I have just read story about Stefan Nystrom. I am his sister. I just wanted to respond to a couple of your comments.
    Correct – although the Australian and Swedish governments both assured us that Stefan would be met by representatives at the airport when he arrived, nothing of the sort happened. The Swedish government told us he is a free man and they cannot interfere with him. The Australian government admitted that his deportation was poorly handled in the respect that something and someone should have been organised to assist him upon his arrival. Luckily for Stefan, relatives that he has never met picked him up and have been trying to look after him.
    He does not speak the language, but is attending school to learn it. He cannot get any sort of employment without some understanding of the language.
    Up to this point he has received no assistance from anyone to help him settle into his “new” life apart from family. He is obviously distraught and is barely coping.
    What we find interesting is the decision last week to allow Jovovic (?) to remain in Australia for a couple of years on a behaviour trial. This mans behaviour and criminal record, as far as I can understand, is worse than Stefans, yet he has been given a second chance.
    The immigration minister is refusing to review Stefans case. We sometimes feel that the government here has a personal vendetta against Stefan and our family.
    Annette Turner

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    The Australian Stefan Nyström is not the same guy as the inventor Stefan Nyström in Ghana. This because the Australian Mr. Nyström is not familiar with the Swedish langue as stated in the above Australian official document. The African Mr. Nyström is active writing comments on a Swedish conspiracy and energy site named “”. His comments and articles is written in almost perfect Swedish langue, the significant fault is only that the dots above “åäö” is abcent, indication use of an english keyboard in his location in Africa.

    Regarding the deported Mr. Nyström (from Australia), it could be said that all people under 60 years old, have read english in shool since 4 grade. So almost everybody here in Sweden can handle the english language pretty good. Anyway, to depart a human being to a country he has no knowledge or experience of and newer has been living in, seems to be a cruel and criminal act of the Government of Australia. If the Australian Mr. Nyström have comitted crimes he should be sent to prison and possibly later rehabilition instead of deported from, as he know it, his native country.

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