Iraqi refugees

My friend, MB, who has the education and experience to know, tells me that probably 50% of Iraqi refugees coming to Sweden are Christians. Many of the other 50% are Kurdish Muslims. Iraqi Christians and Kurds, both people who have good reason to want to leave Iraq for ever. Only yesterday I was reading about Christians in Iraq on the website of Mission Network News:

The latest statistics show Christians in Iraq are in the extreme minority. Muslims make up some 97 percent of the population. Christians who have been accused by extremists as agents of the West have frequently been targeted in murders and kidnappings prompting many to flee abroad…

This year (2006) has been the worst since the war began. Church bombings, car bombings, kidnappings and killings have become commonplace… ”The number of Christians there has decreased. Many who had options to go to other places have left or gone underground. So, in general, the attendance at churches, which had been functioning above ground and openly before, seems to have diminished in most cases.“

2 thoughts on “Iraqi refugees

  1. Tonight we watched the Tamworth refugee saga on A Current Affair! Unlike there normal reports, where they make matters worse, this was actually quite a fair report I felt, although perhaps slightly more on the side of the council than on the refugees! They basically said that it has all been a bit of a misunderstanding which was further complicated by a rather crude implication of racism in one of the local papers. Doesn’t seem right, mind you, which ever way you look at it!

    Take care,
    Love Helen***

  2. well im iraqi and living in jordan now but im not relief in here so im thinkin to come to sweden because its a nice country with a highly educated people and we r all appreciate that

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