Reluctant winter

Winter is trying to establish itself in our little corner of the world, but it seems not to be having much luck. Yesterday it began to feel like winter again (the last time was the children’s autumn holiday when we went to Dalarna) with a heavy frost blanketing the ground all day. Today is the same. The thermometer outside is reading 7 degrees below as a write, and the frost looks for all the world like snow on the grass. The sun has not appeared yet but the south eastern sky is orange pink blue as the light pushes away the darkness.

Red sky at night, sailors delight, red sky at morning, sailor take warning. Not sure if the sky this morning could be described as red, but the forecast for this last week before Christmas is not for more cold weather, nor for snow, but a climb back into the plus temperatures, and no doubt, as we have seen over recent weeks, more cold grey rain. No white Christmas for us, according to the metereologists.

From my embarrassingly self-centred point of view I wonder why global warming had to happen this year, our first Christmas as a family in Sweden, when we were all wishing for snow. The talk of weather here is all doom and gloom, with western Sweden flooded and barely enough snow in the north to open the ski resorts. Meanwhile south east Australia is still fighting the worst bushfires imaginable.

Into the gloom comes Jesus…


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