Home Chaos

For the second week our flat is chaotic. Last week workmen arrived to change the floor coverings in the three bedrooms and the front hall. We breathed a sigh of relief when they left and moved everything back into place. The floors looked a thousand percent better and we were grateful.

Yesterday the same company arrived at the door and said they would begin the floor of the living room today. So we moved everything out of that room and prepared for another two days of chaos. To our delight the job was finished by early afternoon with a new floor that looked brilliant. We began moving everything back.

In the middle of that there was another knock on the door and a friendly young woman in overalls asked if she could start with the walls tomorrow. New wallpaper. We expected that they would not come before the new year, so we were a little surprised, but pleased. So we moved everything back to where it was and now the living room is empty with a brand new floor.

Looks like another four or five days of chaos, but how great to have everything done by Christmas, and all at the expense of our friendly landlord, a government owned rental company called Örebro Bostader, or in English, Örebro Housing.


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