Winter hits Dalarna

winter.jpgWe finally left and drove through snow and ice to Dalarna. Arrived late last Wednesday, just as the sun was dipping behind the hills. The summer house lay quiet under a blanket of new snow powder. We parked the car at the top of the road and stumbled delightedly down the road, which was buried under 30-40 cm. The next four days we frolicked, sliding down slopes, building snowmen, throwing snow at each other. The forest branches were laden. The dam was half frozen. The weather was glorious, cold and clear and fresh. Winter in all its glory had fallen on Dalarna; we were carried away with the beauty of it all. When we drove south again on Sunday we came back to the cold grey of Örebro without snow. Out of the wonderland, back into reality. We are still recovering…


One thought on “Winter hits Dalarna

  1. Hello Holfies!
    Helen and I have been reading your blog with much interest, and we always look forward to your latest rumination.
    We both really admire you (and the family) for the bold move you have made to Sweeden – we sympathise on many levels, but I feel you have taken a far greater leap than Helen and I have.

    On a far lighter note, I was browsing the BBC website today, and came across this –

    It brought back vivid memories of that mesmerising storm we experienced when we stayed with you in Tamworth almost exactly a year ago.

    How life has changed for all fo us in that time!

    Take care all of you and God bless.

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