Viking treasure

“Two young men on Gotland have found Viking treasure dating to the 10th century. The treasure cache consists of silver coins, weighing a total of around 3 kilos. They were discovered by 20-year-old Edvin Svanborg and his 17-year-old brother Arvid, who were working in the grounds of their neighbour, artist Lars Jonsson.”

This was reported in the Swedish Press yesterday. They also found a few bracelets, and acted “in an exemplary fashion” by handing in their find to the authorities. Apparently a few years ago a farmer on Gotland found 65kg of Viking treasure consisting of coins, necklaces and jewelry in silver and bronze. He also handed his finds to the local authorities and received a reward of some 2 million kronor.

I suppose the Svanborg brothers are wondering what their reward will be.

And here was I thinking that the days of buried treasure were long gone…


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