Heard from the kids’ room: “What a nice day it is today. The sun’s shining!” This kind of comment from Hanna this morning we never heard in Australia! Here the weather is always the subject of comment. In Australia, currently struggling under the burden of ongoing drought, the sky seemed always blue, whatever the temperature. There never seemed any need to mention it.

The kids start their autumn holiday today. A sunny day is a good way to begin. Hanna is getting her clothes on to go outside, worried that if she waits too long the sunshine might disappear. She will get a shock when she feels the air: the temperature is hovering on zero.

This last few days there have been storm warnings up and down Sweden. Rain and high winds in the south. Snow storms in the north. Here in central Sweden – Svealand – we managed to escape with just cold, grey, rain and wind gusts tossing the trees to relieve them of their leaf burden.

Now the trees and ground are scattered with gold and orange, and with a blue sky, everything is beautiful; it lifts the heart…



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