Maria at work

After two shifts Maria is exhausted. But has had a great few days. Back into the fast lane of medicine, working in a ward called AVA – stands for acutevårdsavdelningen – “the acute care ward” in English. It is a short stay ward between the Emergency Department and the general hospital wards, so there is rapid turnover. She has been “going alongside” another nurse these two days as a sort of orientation to the ward. She is a little frustrated that she will not see the outcome of various patients, since the next time she is there they will all be gone – patients do not stay for more than three days. There was a woman in her forties today with chest pain, intermittent low grade fevers and general unwellness for some months, finally found her way into hospital, but no diagnosis is pending. No-one seems to know what is wrong with her, and Maria is disappointed that she will not see what happens.

Meanwhile I have had a call from SFI – Swedish for Immigrants – and must go for an interview next week. So maybe I will soon be formally learning Swedish.

But this weekend we are going to Orsa. Hope the weather holds.

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