Hanna dancing

Hanna had her first classical ballet lesson in Sweden yesterday. She found it was a bit more difficult than back home. “They are already doing grand plies,” she said, and it was hard to understand all the instructions in Swedish. It was hard to work out whether she wants to go back next week. She went to a disco dance class after classical, which was a lot more fun I suspect, but without the discipline and grace. Could be a good combination – discipline and fun.


One thought on “Hanna dancing

  1. Hi Hanna,

    Don’t worry about grand plies. They’re a bit tricky at first but after a while it’s like you’ve always done them. And they make your legs very strong and help you to jump very high.

    Also, don’t worry about the instructions in Swedish. Just copy everyone else and then do it better! Also, don’t forget that all the ballet instructions should be in French anyway. Maybe you’d better learn French as well as Swedish. Then you’d be all set!

    Disco is lots of fun too that’s for sure. But all the best disco dancers had classical ballet training. If you can do ballet, you can do anything!

    lots of love
    Uncle Steve

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