Saturday morning

Nothing like Saturday mornings. Weekdays we are up at 6.30am. School starts at 8am which seems uncivilized to me, but here in Sweden it is normal. It finishes at midday for Isak but he has lunch before he comes home. Hanna and Samuel finish at 2pm most days, so they have plenty of time to play in the afternoons.

But Saturdays there is nothing to get to in the morning. Back home, in Australia, we were always going somewhere, to hockey or tennis or something. If the kids do sport here, or ballet or piano, it will probably be on weekdays in the afternoon. It would be wonderful if our Saturdays could be like this, lazy days for nothing much. I suppose if I eventually get a job I will have to work some Saturdays. And so will Maria when she works. Such is life in healthcare. But right now we can take it easy on Saturday mornings.

We sat out the back in the sun this morning while the kids played in the playground of the little school across the cycle way. It seems quiet in Brickebacken this morning, no-one much around. The kids have been down to a hideout they have been building in a patch of forest a stone’s throw from our flat. Now they are inside watching a DVD.

Maria has gone to look at a cycle trailer which was advertised on Blocket yesterday. As long as we have no car it would be great to have a cycle trailer. Isak is still a bit small to cycle any distance, and with a trailer he can ride in the back. We can do the grocery shopping too with a trailer. There is a supermarket here in Brickebacken but the prices are scary, so we try to do our shopping at one of the bigger supermarkets further away. But it is a pain to have to borrow a car to get there.

Maria has planned a little excursion with friends this afternoon. We will take the bus to Karlslunds Herrgård, a manor house on the other side of town which is open to the public. We have been there many times in the past, but this will be the first trip since we arrived in Sweden this time. I will try to post some photos if I get any good ones.


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