We went to church today for the first time since arriving in Sweden. Arrived late because we missed the bus and so we ended up sitting in with the kids in Sunday School. Sam had a great time, playing hockey afterwards with some friends. Hanna was extremely unhappy to go at all, and complained most of the morning, but cheered up a bit after church when she met a girl who spoke English called Olivia. She came and told us, but when we went back to find the girl she had gone.

Filadelfia is a big church, Maria’s old church. We have been there many times before, but we still felt like complete newcomers. Having said that we were able to chat to several people who recognised us – all old friends. We were invited to lunch with friends who live quite nearby, in Brickeberg, the next suburb to us. It was good to catch up a little, and I could follow most of the conversation, which is a relief. Hanna remained unhappy, not helped by the fact that it was raining when we cycled to their house, and she fell off her bike. On the way home she complained bitterly about the weather. “I wish I was in Africa,” she said. “Why?” I asked. “Because I could lie in the sun,” she said. “Why does it always rain here?” she asked. “It rains every day,” she complained. I said that we should be thankful for the rain because it made the grass so green. “But the grass is green in Australia,” she said. “Not as green,” I answered. “It doesn’t matter how green it is,” she retorted.

As for church, we will go back to Filadelfia next week. The week after we might try Brickebergskyrkan, which is quite close by and has English translation of services. And there is another church called Mötesplatsen (The Meeting Place) which we will also visit. Perhaps we will have found a homechurch by the beginning of October.

Despite the rain it is still reasonably warm. Brickbacken is an attractive area, especially when the sun shines. We are gradually settling, but it will be a long time before we feel we are “home.” Perhaps that time will never come. For Hanna it would help if she had a friend who could speak English. We prayed together for that tonight.


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