0.jpgEvery year in a small town about 30km from Örebro there is a mediaeval festival. The town is Arboga and 2006 is the first year the children and I have been there, though Maria remembers it from her youth. All our kids love knights and ladies and swordfights and longbows and castles and battles and villages in the forest. So it was the perfect time for us to make a visit. The cobbled streets and sandy paths were lined with stalls selling goods from the middle ages; swords and shields and crossbows, sheepskin jackets, woollen tunics and leather hats. The hammering of blacksmiths filled the air. The discordant sounds of strolling minstrels sounded strange to our ears; a town cryer announced an entertainment in a tent of skins and handwoven fabrics. We ate hot dogs for lunch and wandered the streets down to the river, where we hung over the handrails in the sun. We discovered little antique shops with every kind of nick nack from bargains to treasures. The children tried their hand at archery. A lovely day in the late summer…


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